Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Enhance Your Game

Enhance your tabletop role-playing game with resources for gamemasters and in-game artifacts that you can give to players to bring your TTRP games to life. 

Gamemasters excel at creating immersive tabletop role-playing games for their players, but sometimes, they need a little help. Whether your players are exploring dungeons or fighting dragons, you want to make the experience as vivid as possible, so details matter. If you have something tangible to show your players, that's even better. Our gamemaster resources, TTRPG handouts, and other RPG materials help you create more immersive games. 

Brother Mesrop’s Compendium of Minacious Cults and Secret Societies provides detailed information on twenty different cults and secret societies. The entire book is designed as an in-game artifact that GMs can give to their players to discover information about the enemies they are facing. It is a system-agnostic resource for fantasy-setting games.

What's on the Body? is a system-neutral TTRPG resource for gamemasters running fantasy-world games. The book includes TTRPG tables to randomize character descriptions and loot. Some of these items are scrolls, odd objects, or other unique items with additional information provided. You’ll also find four tavern menus, as well as twenty player handouts that you can give to your players and that can support interesting side quests.

Stay tuned for more gamemaster charts, supplements for GMs, TTRPG word-building materials, fantasy RPG props, fantasy game supplements, and other materials coming soon.

All books are available through DriveThruRPG.